Our Premium Gloss Laminated Business Cards offers great shine with vibrant colours. If you’re planning to add illustration or photographs to your business cards, the Premium Gloss Laminated Business Cards may be the best option as it brings the design to life. 


The eye-catching, glossy business cards are printed on a 16 pt, thick paper stock with a smooth and glossy surface. With a thin laminated protective gloss, it provides a layer of protection, making it water and tear resistant. Premium Gloss Laminated Business Cards are the ultimate, durable business cards that will last.


With a high-end, premium finish, your business cards will definitely stand out from others with vibrant colours. The Premium Gloss Laminated Business Cards are available single-sided or double-sided. If you don’t have a design already, you can use our design service feature to create a unique business card. 

StockPremium Gloss Laminated
Size3.5" x 2"
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Title Premium Gloss Laminated Business Cards
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